building my villa +++

Started in May 2003 and built the structure at the end of my back garden in Cambridge through a beautiful hot summer a day a week with my friend and builder Steve and weekends on my own; bathroom finished in summer 04: the sauna was eventually fitted out in spring 2006.

May/June 2003

First jobs...

were digging a 2 ft deep trench for mains drainage and water and elecricity supplies, then six 2 feet deep holes for the 4X4 inch treated posts from which the whole structure is hung - Steve's idea which he had seen another builder use.

floor joists

roof rafters

We got all the roof beams up in one day after spending hours with a text book and calculator working out the angles they should be cut. After the first master, cutting the others was speedy work for two of us. It was a beautiful day with dappled sunlight coming through the leaves.

The floor is treated chipboard.

back and velux

Covering the explicit structure of the framework seemed a bit sad. Shiplap on the walls and roofing felt on the top, hard to work with on a hot afternoon.


Working out the pattern of how to lay the slates (not real ones) down was taxing. The uPVC windows were given to me by my sister-in-law. On a Victorian house they would look dreadful but in this context they are fine.

drooping felt

the door was from the dump (sorry, the recycling centre) and cost £10 or £15.

Now there's an inside and and outside. I remember the smell of sawn wood.

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