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november 2003

ugly old plasterboard...

the great leap forward was getting elecricians in to connect up the consumer unit here to the main supply in the house. I had buried a 60A cable running under the path as I will be running a 9.5kw elecric shower and a 6kw sauna stove plus others. The elecricians did a very neat job but the bill came to £380. I was expecting less than half this. This was the only job that I wanted to leave to professionals. In fact they approached it in a way that I would have not been able to.

The ceiling is lined with the huge amount of surplus shiplap and with some white emulsion paint rubbed into it, painting this now to save needing to protect anything later. Doing things in the right order could save huge amounts of unecessary work.

The walls are lined with 6X3 foot sheets of plasterboard which would fit into the back of a friend's car. Its now that you realise how important it is to have labelled all the elecric cables because I instantly forgot where they ran once the plasterboard was up.

Light at last. Note the neat fuse box. All my cabling is now hidden. There is one 13a ring, one lighting circuit, one cicuit just for the electric shower and one circuit for the sauna stove.

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