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villa pictures from glorious July and Leonine August

By this point the 1st electric cabling was done and even the first part of the water supply in copper, so easy to do these before the walls are covered and there is a floor in the sleeping area above. The water supplies three things: a cold-only washbasin, the elecric shower and the toilet. (see later pictures).

August 2nd marked one year in Stone Terrace and also some other anniversaries.


The roof is finished and the shiplap is painted with blue/green preservative. The gutters aren't up yet.


The structure is water-tight apart from the triangular double glazed unit being made for the front. Making a template for this out of thin MDF was not that easy.

The green structure in the background is my neighbour Gareth's handiwork and probably the inspiration for my building. the inside of it is sandblasted oak while the outside takes a bricolage approach. His wife Filipa says he built it at night to avoid anyone noticing. I'm not sure I believe this - although he does build other things, such as his swimmingpool/hot tub late into the night.

for pictures from September and November click here


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