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The Dharma Overground

Tired of moralistic, mysogenistic Western Buddhism? Have a look at what I would call a fresh alternative at Dharma Overground. Its the home of people interested in Daniel Ingram's Hardcore Dhama book on meditation. ingram-boookHis own site is here. The focus is on individual experience and sensation rather than on collective or moral life which has its own limitations I suppose.


I think his writing might be boring (The Temple of Dawn is all I've read - the reincarnation ideas are interesting) but his life is fascinating: Yukio Mishima. Have a look at this website (click on the image):

Just (back in 2006) co-designed website for Salon Rouge club night in Cambridge (unfortunately its taken down at the moment but the originators plan to restart and maybe relaunch the site)

Work things previous

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Centre for Policy in Nursing Research (designed by Jan - from California to North London) this bit of Flash still there years after the Centre has gone!


Friends and family

Painter Hephzibah Rendle Short

Contemporary artist, Andrew Vass

('Curb01' from my collection)

Artist Jane Dixon

My son Dante's web site... when he gets round to it. Its been like this for years.

My other son Gamaliel's site with lots of flash animation (warning v.violent stick people, Star Trek pastiche and hip hop dance) now with his Flash talents



Jane Siberry's record label Sheeba. Canadian singer who is, reassuringly, in her forties. Her best work is 'when I was a boy' in my view. I've lived with the beauty of those songs for nearly 10 years.

Strictly film school:

" This website is designed and maintained on a Macintosh Powerbook G4/1GHz running OS X v. 10.2 (Jaguar), using Macromedia Studio MX (Dreamweaver MX and Fireworks MX). Adobe Photoshop 7.0 is used for image editing. + Site Launch: 4-11-00 + About the author: + Acquarello is a NASA design engineer, web developer, cineaste, writes film program notes for the National Gallery of Art, and is a member of the Cinemarati web alliance for film commentary."

Site dedicated to Hong Kong film maker, Wong Kar Wai (I think its Faye Wong) from Chungking Express I think.

Kalle Hoffman's sauna building site: rugged guys from all around the world discuss building saunas and share pics of their constructions - if you like that kind of thing

Axel the sauna builder - and perfectionist.


Agent Ruby from Tekhnolust won't be making an appearance on my new website served from my Apache server in my back garden in Cambridge, was on an old Umax Pulsar running Linux - now on a Ruby iMac running Mac OS X.

agent ruby


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