Arriving in Odense

The usual night’s sleep and semi-sleep, waking with every movement of the ship magnified by the dark, my horizontal position and dreaminess, my heart in my mouth with every pitch and roll of the boat until I finally roll back to sleep. After a buffet breakfast for £12 there are only two hours till we dock. Out on the sundeck again I watch the back of the ship, the ramp we drove in on, now vertical, rise and fall against the sealine. The sky is patchy blue, auguring well for good weather for the 86 mile, 1 hour journey over to Odense. There is not much to say about the passportless, inspectionless disembarkation and the ride on the boring E20 to get to Odense,

apart from the windy ride over the long bridge at Middlefart. The university hospital complex where I am staying is close to the exit of the motorway, my GPS led me to park exactly outside the door to this former old people’s home (according to Niels) where my room is up in the top floor attic.

Where I am staying in the attic

Ater unpacking, my motorcycling fantasy came true in that I was able to ride straight into a building through wide opening doors, the large lockable brick bike shed where I can leave Bertha during my stay.

berthas shed

Here we are from the air.

from air

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