1st July: First campsite in Spain Erratzu

After a sound night's sleep we are less than one hour away from Santander (the port not the Building Society). I wonder with so many motorcyclists on the boat how long it will take to fan out and be riding alone. I'm stocked up with water. It will be about 145 miles ride today to the first campsite I've chosen. Lets see how well I can keep to the route.

I made it to Camping Eratzu, the first site of this trip. I'm writing in the cool reception area of the campsite where I've just grabbed on to the campsite's wifi by the skin of my digital teeth. What a great language Spanish is, it almost has two versions, one spoken by men and one spoken by women. It was hot today and once I arrived here and found myself in front of a mirror in the hygiene block I noticed that I resembled Mr Tomato Head. Speaking of tomatoes, I made the classic mistake akin to the linguists' 'False friends': I bought what looked like a tin of tomatoes to have with my pasta which I plan to cook in a little while only to find pimentos inside.

First night camping in Eratzu, Spain

France is just about a mile down the road. Tomorrow I've plotted the 110 mile ride to Lourdes on the nice roads for a change. Today I abandoned myself to Emily the GPS voice and spent most of today on fast if dull motorways. The hundreds of other motorcyclists did indeed disappear pretty quickly. As I rode at different times I smelt, cooking meat, farmyard smells, cigar smoke and brewing coffee.

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